18th November: Day 1

10:45 – 11:30
Gathering and introduction to the format and features of the online conference

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Introduction by the conference chair, Karen Shackleton.

Keynote – Impact Investing: A strategy for the future
The Global Impact Investing Network discusses the latest trends and data with regard to the pandemic to set the scene for the conference.

Keynote: Sean Gilbert, The Global Impact Investing Network

Sponsored by The Global Impact Investing Network


Panel – What social impact capital will be required through the Covid-19 recovery phase?
How can asset owners and fund managers coalesce to identify opportunities which have not be previously thought about to really move the dial. Our panel investigates some interesting ideas around bringing people together to think differently.

Moderator: Karen Shackleton, Director, Pensions for Purpose

12:35 – 13:45
Lunch & Online Networking

Getting impact investment moving from the top down
Impact investing has become an important lens through which investors can effect social change. Our speaker outlines how impact investment differs from responsible and sustainable approaches, and explains why engaging all parties in the chain is key to redirecting capital.

Speaker: Charlotte Tyrwhitt-Drake, Director, Pensions for Purpose

The principles for impact investing for trustees
How the Principles were developed and what they are seeking to achieve.

Speaker: Sarah Gordon, Investing Impact Institute

Sponsored by Investing Impact Institute

Breakout discussions: How pension funds can work with the Principles for Impact Investing
How can pension funds adopt them? What are the challenges in their use? What are the next steps?

14:50 – 15:10
Coffee & Online Networking

Presentation – How do you monitor and access impact investment strategies, and what happens if it all goes wrong?
When investors commit to an impact strategy, how can they tell if their expectations are being met? And what can be done to keep those investments on track? We will look at this in terms of a ‘performance review’ and what can be expected from fund managers.

Sponsored by RBC Global Asset Management


Panel – Assessing Impact Outcomes and Reporting
Impact investing provides the opportunity for investors to deliver investment returns while making a positive contribution to society. Measuring and reporting of both the financial and non-financial elements of impact investment are an essential part of the process. Our panel discusses the hows and whys of impact measurement, and the challenges that investors face when reporting on the success – or otherwise – of their impact commitments.

Panellists: Victoria Leggett, Impact Equity Portfolio Manager, Head of Impact Investing, UBP

Sponsored by UBP


Pensions for Purpose Awards

End of Day 1 & Online Networking

19th November: Day 2

10:45 – 11:30
Gathering and introduction to the format and features of the online conference

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Re-introduction by the conference chair, Karen Shackleton.

Presentation – Building an impact strategy
Our speaker takes us through the detail of what’s involved when setting up an environmental impact strategy.

Panellists: Narina Mnatsakanian, Director Sustainability and Impact Investing, Kempen Capital Management

Sponsored by Kempen Capital Management


Panel – Maximising impact strategies to address pressing societal needs
Impact investing has experienced significant growth in recent years, but there is still a long way to go. There needs to be a step change in the amount of investment capital attracted to the sector in order to address the mounting social and environmental challenges of our times. The panel will discuss the means by which this can be brought about, and the resulting benefits for investors and society alike.

Moderator: Charlotte Tyrwhitt-Drake, Director, Pensions for Purpose

Panellists: Neil Mason, Strategic Finance Manager, Surrey Pension Fund

12:45 – 13:45
Lunch & Online Networking

Breakout Discussions – Opening the door to implementing impact
Bearing in mind the discussions we have just seen, are there some ideas which would change things? As pensions funds, how can we achieve impact post-Covid? How do pension funds anticipate responding to this “new world”? Should pension funds do more? Are there still barriers to overcome to encourage the uptake in impact investment?


Panel – Achieving superior risk-adjusted returns through impact
Impact investment is not just a force for social good, it is also an opportunity for institutional investors to access new sources of investment return. Our panel looks in detail at how and why impact strategies can be important drivers of investment performance.

Moderator: William Bourne, Independent Investment Adviser,

Panellists: Abbie Llewellyn-Waters, Fund Manager, Jupiter Asset Management

Sponsored by BMO Global Asset Management and Jupiter Asset Management

15:10 – 15:30
Coffee & Online Networking

Presentation – Social impact and the outcomes of the pandemic
The Covid-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences that that go beyond the spread of the disease itself. Our speaker will look at how the growth in impact investing can help address the political, cultural, and social effects of the pandemic.

Sponsored by Wellington Management


Panel – Achieving environmental benefit through impact
Environmental problems such as climate change, waste disposal and water pollution are having, and will continue to have, a profound effect on society. Our panel investigates the options available to investors looking to enable change through impact investment.

Panellists: George Graham, Director, South Yorkshire Pension Fund

Sponsored by Neuberger Berman


Closing address – Building a better world

Speaker: Richard Curtis, Make My Money Matter

End of Conference & Online Networking