The potential impact of new Government regulations and policies on LGPS investment processes may have a far-reaching effect on the officers and committee members at local government pension funds and pools. These regulations are designed to address the consideration of non-financial factors when implementing an investment strategy.

As the LGPS evolves it is more important than ever to ensure, and be capable of demonstrating, that responsible investment decision-making and reporting processes are robust. So, how can the industry ensure that investment committees have taken due care of those requirements when setting out their investment strategies?

The Local Authority Responsible Investment Seminar on January 15th will look at the impact of the new regulations for LGPS investment committees, and is designed to help the Scheme Advisory Board formulate the sector’s response to an increasing awareness of investment committees’ responsibilities to their pension funds and to society in general.

Topics to cover include:

  • Working within the terms of the investment strategy statement, developing consultant relations in order to achieve your RI goals.
  • What does a pension fund have the freedom to do and what do the regulations allow?
  • Does responsible investment sacrifice returns? Can you invest passively while investing responsibly?
  • Should there be a Responsible Investment Standard? If so, what form should it take?

The event is free to attend for officers and investment and governance committee chairs at LGPS pension funds and pools. For more information or to request a place, please email Lily-Grace Burford at or call 020 7353 9134.