There are three main sectors of the funded UK pension system: Corporate Defined Benefit; Defined Contribution; LGPS and other public sector schemes.

The pensions freedoms and ongoing legislation have compounded the challenges facing the various sectors and have resulted in a significant increase in the flows of resources, knowledge and information between them.

To improve overall member outcomes, it has become vital to understand key developments in all three sectors. There are many differing views and ideologies competing for attention. There is much at stake.

The Summit will gather the most senior executives and trustees from leading corporate and local government pension plans, together with master trust and IGC chairs, senior government officials, regulators, members of influential trade bodies, and key advisers to the industry, to debate the implications of the tectonic shifts taking place across the UK pensions landscape.

All delegates, save advisers and consultants, will be invited entirely free of charge to the Summit. Advisers and consultants will be selectively invited to sponsor the Summit and be offered an entirely non-promotional speaking role on the agenda. There will be no sale of individual tickets.

The agenda and content will be driven by an Advisory Board constituting some of the most respected and influential thought leaders in the UK pensions industry and beyond.

Held over two days away from the bustle of a major city, the Summit will enable a comprehensive learning experience, together with focused discussions and relaxed networking among leading practitioners.

It will feature a high level of engagement and collegiality, with a special emphasis on building understanding and trust between main practitioners across the industry.