08:00 – 08:30
Registration & Networking Breakfast

08:30 – 08:35
Welcome and Opening Remarks

Michelle Cassidy
Trade Commissioner
High Commission of Canada

08:35 – 08:40
Welcome from Fiera Capital

John Valentini
President and Chief Executive Officer
Fiera Private Markets

08:40 – 09:10
Interview: Private Credit Proves its Place
What role can private credit be expected to play in a portfolio context and how can investors identify opportunities while seeking to avoid potential pitfalls as this asset class experiences its first economic cycle?

Sam Gervaise-Jones
Head of Client Consulting, UK & Ireland

Sarah Butcher
Senior Capability Specialist, Private Credit
Fiera Capital

09:10 – 09:50
Panel: Building resilience into your UK real estate portfolio
Recent events are leading to increasing uncertainty in a turbulent and complex UK market. Inflation, rising interest rates, geo-political instability and supply chain issues are just a few of the challenges that we are facing. In this session we will explore whether real estate can represent a good hedge against inflation, take advantage of current market opportunities and play a vital role in building a resilient portfolio.

Charles Allen
Head of UK Real Estate
Fiera Capital

Mat Oakley
Head of European Commerical Research

Ed Ellerington
Founder and Director
Packaged Living

09:50 – 10:30
Panel: Infrastructure – navigating macroeconomic volatility
In this session we will explore how inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical tensions, FX volatility and supply chain issues are impacting the infrastructure asset class and how this is affecting investment decisions. We will also look to explore the outlook for infrastructure globally and analyse how fund managers and LPs can capitalise on the opportunities at hand whilst minimising the risks.

David Allen
Baker & McKenzie

Jason Cogley
Managing Director
Fiera Infrastructure

Peter Lindbom
Senior Portfolio Manager
Ingka Investments

Dougie Sutherland
Cory Group

10:30 – 11:00
Coffee Break

11:00 – 11:40
Panel: Agriculture – The Final Frontier of Private Capital Investing?
Investing in Agriculture offers investors the chance to meet one of society’s most basic needs. It’s a diverse “real” asset class that can offer genuine portfolio diversification and resiliency.

Demographic changes will increase absolute demand for food so our Panel will outline how to access the asset class and deploy capital at scale. The discussion is informed by Olly Harrison an arable farmer from the North West of England who will share his on the ground perspectives of owning and managing a sizeable farming business in the UK.

Sarah Gal
Principal, Agriculture
Fiera Capital

Olly Harrison
Agricontract Farmer and "accidental youtuber" with over 19 million views and 48k subscribers

Pete Smith
Principal, Senior Investment Consultant
Barnett Waddingham

11:40 – 12:20
Panel: ESG – Breaking Through the Noise
In recent years, private markets have experienced an evolution in the importance of ESG issues, both across the wider business community and society as a whole. The pace at which regulations have emerged, as well as the level of expectation from the investment community, has left many scrambling to find the right answers and to build the right strategies. In this session we’ll discuss some of the noise surrounding ESG and how to build a strategy that focuses on what’s most important.

Amanda Latham
Associate and Policy & Strategy Lead
Barnett Waddingham

Mark Mansley
Former Chief Investment Officer, Brunel Pension Partnership and Environment Agency Pension Fund

Jessica Pilz
Global Head of ESG
Fiera Real Estate UK

12:20 – 13:10
Keynote – Cathy Newman interviews Lord David Frost
Channel 4’s Cathy Newman will be conducting a full and frank interview with Boris Johnson’s Brexit supremo Lord Frost on the political and economic crises which have engulfed this government and the last one. Where are the sunlit uplands Johnson promised Brexit would deliver? And what does he really think about the new PM? Would he like to see Johnson have another go? In short, everything you always wanted to know but never got the chance to ask.

Cathy Newman
Journalist, Presenter Channel 4 News

Lord David Frost
Cabinet Minister and Chief Negotiator with the EU (2019-21)

13:10 – 13:15
Closing Remarks

Ciaran Henry
Senior Vice President, Head of Distribution Europe & Asia
Fiera Capital

13:15 – 14:00