Private Markets – Navigating Through Turbulent Times

A thought leadership private markets focused event

As investors globally continue to increase their allocation to Private Markets, this conference will discuss the present challenges and opportunities investors face. Against the backdrop of geo-political instability, gilt market volatility, and a cost-of-living crisis of a kind we have not seen in a generation, our diverse panel of industry experts will provide guidance and share insights into navigating these turbulent times to deliver resilience and positive outcomes for your investment portfolio.

DG Publishing and Fiera Capital will once again host a thought-leading educational event for institutional investors.

Respected investment adviser Eric Lambert will chair the conference, and themes to be covered include building portfolio resilience through private markets and breaking through the noise of ESG investing.

In the afternoon keynote session, Channel 4’s Cathy Newman interviews Lord David Frost in a wide-ranging discussion with a focus on expectations for the future for UK PLC.

The conference will provide outstanding networking opportunities and we anticipate a highly collegial atmosphere throughout the day. The format will be a mix of interviews, audience voting and expert panel sessions.