Monday 5th July, 2021

Presentation: Private Markets Post Trump, Brexit and Covid-19
LGPS are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the illiquidity premium which private markets offer and recent events have created a distinct opportunity for custodians of long term capital. In this session, we explore some of the opportunities available to private markets investors and why there is optimism going forward.

Max Ramirez
Managing Director, Alternatives Capital Markets & Strategy Group
Goldman Sachs

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Panel: How a Multi-Asset Investment Solution Can Navigate Through a Period of Rising Inflation
Are we going into a permanent period of higher inflation or is the Federal Reserve’s suggested ‘transitional’ inflationary period the most likely outcome? Will higher inflation bring an end to decades of declining bond yields? Our panel considers if bonds can continue to provide a hedge against equity risk in this environment and what asset classes could perform best and protect against higher inflation.

William Bourne
Independent Adviser

Kevin McDonald
Interim Director

Bola Tobun
Pension & Treasury Manager
London Borough of Enfield

Andy Warwick
Real Return Portfolio Manager
Newton Investment Management

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Interview: Integrating Sustainability into Fixed Income Portfolios
Sustainability has become a key concern in portfolio construction. But how can investors address sustainability concerns in their fixed income investments? Our speaker highlights how a broad fixed income opportunity set can help investors drive engagement, identify new opportunities, and achieve key objectives such as net zero.

Yvette Klevan
Managing Director, Portfolio Manager/Analyst
Lazard Asset Management

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Panel: Emerging vs Developed Markets – The Decade Ahead
What can an active investor expect over the next ten years? We explore the valuation discount of EM vs DM, the reasons behind that discount and some significant ESG concerns.

Tim Dickson
Asian & Emerging Market Equities Fund Manager

Anthony Fletcher
Independent Adviser

Anthony Petalas
Portfolio Manager
Border to Coast Pensions Partnership

Mike Weston
LGPS Central

Interview: Build to Rent: Resilience and Opportunity in a Growing Sector
The Build to Rent sector showed real resilience through the Covid-19 pandemic, with rent collection and occupancy remaining high, and economic trends looking supportive going forward. In this interview, we look at how this sector has fared so far during the pandemic, and what risks and opportunities may lie ahead. We will also discuss leveraging size and scale to create meaningful and measurable added-value benefits not only for residents, but also for pension scheme investors.

Dan Batterton
Fund Manager BTR, Real Assets
Legal & General Investment Management

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Presentation: Incorporating UN Sustainable Development Goals into Investment Decisions
What are the UN SDGs and what role can they play in investment decision-making? Our speaker discusses the alignment of investment objectives with the goals of the SDGs, and outlines the characteristics of an SDG portfolio compared to a non-SDG portfolio.

Thomas Kieselstein
Quoniam Asset Management

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Interview: Value Investing
David Herro, Deputy Chairman and co Portfolio Manager at Harris Associates discusses different aspects of being a global value equity investor in 2021 and beyond.

David Herro
Partner, Deputy Chairman, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer – International Equities
Harris Associates

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Presentation: Don’t Wait for a Better World, Invest for it
Investors are considering the impact of climate change on their portfolios and how to align their investments to support the Paris Agreement and Net Zero goals. Is it possible to reduce your carbon footprint and also deliver positive environmental and societal benefits, while not sacrificing financial returns?

Marco Lenfers
Sustainable & Thematic Equity Client Portfolio Manager
Vontobel Asset Management

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Tuesday 6th July, 2021

Presentation: When Central Banks Redefine Their Mandates
Central banks’ mandates are changing rapidly. By integrating a number of social issues alongside the more traditional objectives of inflation, growth and financial markets stability, many could end up compromising on their initial goals of monetary policy. Our speaker examines how duration management could be key in addressing any inflationary or volatility outcomes.

Quentin Fitzsimmons
Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
T. Rowe Price

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Presentation: Climate Change – Creating Returns That Benefit the World We Live In
The biggest climate risk is not seeing the opportunities. Our speaker discusses the need for investors to act now, the universe of opportunities, and how net zero investors seek to balance portfolio results with real-world impact.

Lucian Peppelenbos
Climate Strategist

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Panel: The Future of Food
Agricultural technology, sustainability, population growth, consumer trends are just some of factors that influence global food production. Our panel discusses how agriculture and food production is changing, how this impacts on responsible investment, and the opportunities that may arise in the asset class.

Tai Lin
Managing Partner – Proterra Asia
Proterra Investment Partners (a Fidante Partners affiliate)

Gustave Loriot
Responsible Investment Manager
London CIV

Skye Macpherson
Executive Vice President and Global Head of Portfolio Management
Westchester Group Investment Management

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Presentation: ESG Investment in a Time of Crisis
As we continue to see growing inflows for ESG investors, it might have been a surprise to many that during the COVID-19 pandemic ESG ratings did not appear to provide the risk mitigation benefits investors had hoped for. We explore the possible reasons behind this and how, despite the ESG ratings, active analysis of intangible assets can provide additional benefits to investors.

Jeremy Richardson
Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC Global Equity
RBC Global Asset Management

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Panel: Protecting the Security of Infrastructure Income
Infrastructure is an asset class that seems ideally suited to LGPS investors. Our panel discusses the impact of global socio-economic factors on the infrastructure sector and the opportunities available for investors in the asset class.

John Carey
Investment Director – Infrastructure Debt (UK/Europe)
IFM Investors

Rachel Elwell
Chief Executive Officer
Border to Coast Pensions Partnership

Nicholas Moller
Senior Investment Specialist
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Chris Rule
Chief Executive Officer

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Presentation: Scaling the Infrastructure Secondaries Market
The secondary market for Private Markets funds is more relevant than ever before. It has grown exponentially in recent years, both in terms of scale and complexity. The Infrastructure secondary market is no exception. Jerome discusses the evolution of the Infrastructure secondary market and the drivers behind its expansion, as well as characteristics of the different types of deals getting done and how secondary buyers are tapping into this opportunity.

Jerome Duthu-Bengtzon
Partner, Infrastructure Team

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Presentation: Infrastructure Investment – Achieving Impact
Infrastructure investment has become a global priority in public policy and our economy. A sustainable, social and smart recovery of our societies is firmly on the cards. Learn more about making an active impact through infrastructure investments globally.

Freek Spoorenberg
Head of Strategy & Investor Relations
BlackRock Renewable Power

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Panel: Delivering a Stable Income from Real Estate in Disruptive Times
We discuss a host of pressing themes including how to construct a property portfolio fit for the future, liquidity, the future of the office and managing the carbon-covid challenge.

James Coke
Co-Head of Institutional, UK Real Estate
Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Jeff Dong
Head of Finance
City & County of Swansea

Alison Puhar
Director, UK Real Estate
Fidelity International

Bridget Uku
Group Manager, Treasury & Investments
London Borough of Ealing

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Presentation: Social Housing
Our speaker looks at where affordable housing sits in terms of yield and volatility versus other asset classes, and discusses the pros and cons of the different types of affordable housing investment available.

Stuart Fiertz
Co-Founder, Head of Responsible Investment
Cheyne Capital

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Panel: Private Credit – Current Market Landscape and Where to Find Value
The lingering impact from Covid has the potential to change aspects of the investment landscape going forward. Our panel of industry specialists will discuss different ways for investors to gain exposure to opportunities in private credit.

Trevor Castledine
Senior Director

Tom Collier
Executive Vice President, Product Strategist

Graham Cook
Chief Investment Officer
Environment Agency Pension Fund

Paul Guilliotti
Assistant Director of Resources (Financial Services)
Richmond and Wandsworth Councils

Keynote Presentation: Unpicking the Alphabet Soup of Climate Change: Turning Talk Into Action in Credit
Low carbon, fossil fuel exclusion, climate solutions, green bonds, clean energy/technology, climate conscious and so the list goes on. The terminology around climate investing feels like a veritable alphabet soup. At a time when capital owners and managers are setting increasingly aggressive net zero targets, what are the approaches available to achieve these individual targets whilst supporting the wider economic transition to low carbon world.

Rachel Harris
Head of Credit, Equity and ESG Investment Specialists
Aviva Investors

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Panel: The Evolution of Pooling From the CIO Perspective
We are now more than three years into the practicalities of the LGPS pooling project. While the process continues to gain momentum, how has pooling impacted on the LGPS and what could the future hold? Our panel will discuss how pooling has progressed since inception, and the challenges and opportunities that pooling will present for the LGPS investment pools and funds alike.

Daniel Booth
Chief Investment Officer
Border to Coast Pensions Partnership

Jason Fletcher
Chief Investment Officer
London CIV

William Bourne
Independent Adviser

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