Making Sense of DC Pensions For The Good of All

The DC world is confusing. It’s confusing even to the professionals who work in it, never mind the underlying savers it serves. There are two primary reasons for this confusion: first, in the absence of a guarantee, or a clear target outcome, there is no broad consensus as to how to define a best-in-class DC pension plan; second, as the DC ecosystem has developed organically on the back of a retail savings model, there are many more component parts to it than prevail elsewhere in UK pensions. The good news is that the more we can make sense of this world, the better the outcomes should be for everybody involved – primarily pension scheme members though, as an inevitable consequence, the fortunes and prosperity of all the organisations who assist them as well.

The Summit is designed to achieve just that. In addition to our Advisory Board members, delegates to the Summit will comprise major stakeholders in the DC space from across the UK, committed to casting illumination on this most complex sector of the pensions market and to chart a clearer course to the future.

The atmosphere at the event will be highly collegial and interactive, with outstanding knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities.