Accumulation Matters | Decumulation Rules

Here’s a thing: a DC pension is not a pension, at least not for the overwhelming majority of scheme members. Rather, it’s a tax-efficient savings scheme that ties your money up for longer than an ISA or other savings vehicle, and hands it back at retirement for members to decide for themselves how it is managed thereafter. That’s great for those who are able to take full advantage of the pension freedoms, but not for those inexpert in navigating the choppy waters of the post-retirement world without professional guidance. This reduces to two vital issues: the considerable challenge of accumulating a DC retirement pot worth having in the first place; and then converting that pot into a pension that provides a satisfactory wage for life. In turn, these give rise to a multitude of questions as to how best outcomes are identified, delivered and monitored, and by whom, in both the accumulation and decumulation phases of a DC plan.

The Summit is designed for thought leaders in the DC space to wrestle with these questions, and their many intricacies, and arrive at answers that chart a clear course for the future with practical benefits for scheme members. In addition to our distinguished Advisory Board, delegates to the Summit will comprise major DC stakeholders across the UK. As usual, the atmosphere at the event will be highly collegial and interactive, with outstanding knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities.