Future generations of UK workers will be primarily reliant on a DC pension for a secure income in retirement.


Great strides have been made, notably the introduction of auto-enrolment, the default fund charge cap and the new pensions freedoms. However, at this stage of development, there remain multiple outcomes which might result from the critical decisions that major stakeholders make now and in the future.

As the DB sector gradually but inexorably declines, there is no alternative but for UK Defined Contribution schemes to step up to the plate and deliver adequate pensions nationwide.

Make no mistake – this is a tall order. It creates a unique set of challenges and opportunities for employers, pension providers, asset managers, consultants, legislators, regulators and, not least, members themselves. There is as yet no broad consensus as to how to define a best-in-class DC pension plan, and how it should be funded, governed, managed and invested.

The DC Strategic Summit will gather major stakeholders in the DC space from across the UK to address these vital issues, learn how their peers and counterparts are confronting common challenges, and chart a road map for the future. The atmosphere at the event will be highly collegial and interactive, with outstanding knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities.