Private DB funds are still growing due to investment performance, despite negative cash flows in the majority of cases. In less than a decade, however, the overall size of the sector will begin to shrink irreversibly. At that point, risk tolerances will become significantly constrained. In the meantime, considerable opportunities remain to improve the funding position from investment choices. For the LGPS, the story is very different. Not faced with a run-off any time soon, and blessed with inbuilt strong covenants, public sector plans can face the future with more confidence. For both, however, choosing the right mix of investments to bets deliver the various objectives of the plan remains key.

At the Forum, leading pensions executives and their expert advisers will debate the investment strategies that are proving successful in today’s environment.

The agenda and content are driven by an Advisory Board comprised of some of the most respected and influential pensions executives. Delegates will gain privileged insights into how the leading practitioners in the industry are resolving the main challenges in the dominant sector of the pensions marketplace. The conference will run for a full day at the Waldorf Hotel, London, followed by a drinks reception and dinner.

Sponsor representatives will be integrated into the entire forum agenda and breakout discussions. In addition, there will be significant networking time built in: a seated lunch, two coffee breaks, a drinks reception and a seated dinner. These functions will provide ample opportunity to meet each of the pension fund executives present in a relaxed and productive atmosphere.