Elizabeth Carey

Independent Adviser

Elizabeth serves as Independent Investment Adviser to the Bedfordshire Pension Fund and also works with the Greater Gwent (Torfaen) Pension Fund. Her background is in banking, capital markets and corporate finance, though she has worked in the asset management field for the past decade. With the advent of pooling, she finds increasing commonalities between corporate finance and managing LGPS fund assets, particularly in the areas of governance, oversight, accountability and now responsible investment / ESG.

Elizabeth began her career at Lehman Brothers in New York and moved to London in the late-1990s. Subsequently, she worked at Goldman Sachs International and GE Capital, where she did M&A for its European commercial finance business. She is a governor of two state secondary schools in London, both of which are LGPS employers. Elizabeth is a member of the Finance & Premises committee of both; for one, she chairs the committee. Thus, she tends to regard management of LGPS funds also an employer / employee’s viewpoint.

Elizabeth graduated from Yale University with a BA in Comparative Literature (German and French).