Gearing up for the challenges ahead

Pooling is bringing new investment opportunities to the LGPS, especially in terms of centralisation, economies of scale, mutualisation of risk and concentration of talent. Meantime, the pensions obligations of individual local authorities remain unchanged.

Two burning issues emerge as a result. The ability of the new pool structures to deliver the expected scale benefits, particularly as these relate to investment performance, and their equal ability to serve the needs of their constituent funds.

At the Forum, we will explore the key implications of these issues for investment policy, strategies and products. Of particular note is how the asset mix could change over time to leverage the benefits of pooling, and the question of which investments could stand to gain greater prominence in the new order. Both senior pension officers and leading advisers alike will compare notes on these important developments and seek to map the road ahead.

At DG Publishing, we are pleased to have a track record of over 14 years involvement in the local authority sector through publications such as the Pension Funds Performance Guide and LAPF Investments, and events such as the LAPF Investments Awards (this year’s awards ceremony was another huge success).

The event is free to attend for representatives from LGPS pension funds and pools. For more information or to book your place, please email Lily-Grace Burford at or call 020 7353 9134.

We have a limited number of places available and are expecting a capacity audience, so please book early to avoid disappointment. Note that we are restricting attendance to a maximum of three LGPS delegates from any single fund year.